As a full service CPA firm, Milburn Cain & Co. can meet all your business tax and accounting needs. While some accounting firms package their services so that you may be getting services you do not want or need, we customize our services to provide those that are most beneficial for you in the operation of your business. Our services range from business organization to providing monthly bookkeeping to issuing audited financial statements, including assisting with the preparation of all tax compliance requirements.

Business Startup

When you begin your business, one of the first decisions you must make is the business structure that best meets your needs. While the most popular structure for new businesses today is the LLC, that is not the right structure for everyone. At Milburn Cain & Co., we take the time to try to understand your long term goals and which structure is the best for your situation. Once that decision is made, we work with your attorney, or can refer you to qualified attorneys we work with, to ensure that the company is properly setup and all required elections are made. We can assist in the selection and setup of your accounting system and monitoring it to ensure that it is properly functioning.

Business Planning

When small businesses need financing, many banks and financing organizations require that tax projections, cash flow projections, and business plans be prepared. At Milburn Cain & Co., we work with you to prepare these documents with accurate projections. We help present your information in the way that the banks and financing organization can easily analyze the information and make a loan decision. Apart from financing, the biggest planning issue facing most small businesses is succession planning, passing the business to the next generation. We have experience working with attorneys to plan and structure the transfer of businesses to future generations.

Accounting Services

Our accounting services can include after the fact payroll services, preparing quarterly and annual payroll tax returns. We can also prepare needed financial statements, whether these statements are on a monthly, quarterly, or as needed basis. We are available throughout the year for consultations when questions arise. We encourage our clients to contact us so that a transaction is handled properly at the time it is entered into instead of trying to address the accounting treatment at the year end, after the fact.

Annual Financial Reporting

The type of financial statements required for a business at the end of the year depends on the requirements of financial institutions. Since the fees associated with the preparation of financial statements depend on the level of service required, we ensure that we are issuing the level of financial reporting that is required. As part of our philosophy of only providing the services that you need, we work with the type of financing organization to issue the financial statements that are needed.

Tax Preparation and Planning

We prepare required tax returns, whether sales tax, payroll tax, or income tax returns for all states, to keep the business in compliance with tax laws. We also work with businesses throughout the year to estimate tax liability and structure unique transactions to assist in planning to minimize tax liability and maximize tax benefits.